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Green and Pink, Who’d Have Thought?

Green and Pink, Who'd Have Thought?

Certainly an interesting colour combo!

Okay, so I get the whole complimentary colours, and adjacent colour thing, and, you know, the shades and tones business, but it has never occurred to me to pair green with pink. Ever. I kid you not. Not for an entire nail art. In my mind, these two colours have just never clicked. But when I saw a picture of this nail art, it was simply…perfect.

Naturally, I had to try it.

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Parisian Delicacy

Parisian Delicacy 01

Glitter is glamour!

This is one nail art I absolutely love ^o^ In my random nail art inspiration folder, I found a picture I simply HAD to try. Luckily, it had a watermark, so I am able to provide a link to the original: Orientalo-Graphique Nail Art. Tartofraises is the name of the French artist, and she is simply awesome.

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