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Green and Pink, Who’d Have Thought?

Green and Pink, Who'd Have Thought?

Certainly an interesting colour combo!

Okay, so I get the whole complimentary colours, and adjacent colour thing, and, you know, the shades and tones business, but it has never occurred to me to pair green with pink. Ever. I kid you not. Not for an entire nail art. In my mind, these two colours have just never clicked. But when I saw a picture of this nail art, it was simply…perfect.

Naturally, I had to try it.

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I’ll Take a Shamrock to Go

I'll Take a Shamrock to Go 1

Yeah, hi, can I please have a shamrock to go?

Yeah, I know, okay? St Patrick’s Day nail art in NOVEMBER?! So I’m seriously behind in my nail art blogging. Accept it and move on.

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Green with Envy

Green With Envy 01

And before you think I have creepy arms with some very flexible joints, these are two pics put together :P

As far as cliché titles go, this one takes the cake. Sprinkles, cherries, the whole shebang. I know, alright? But I happen to like clichés, so…sorry-not sorry!!

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District 7 – Like a Leaf in the Breeze

District 7 - Like a Leaf in the Breeze_01

Behold: District 7, district of lumber.

Okay, so there’s not really all that much to behold. This isn’t one of my strongest manis, even if the thought was there. My idea was swayed by a new stamp plate I bought – a cheap no-name plate from eBay (of course). It seemed like seeing the leaves on this plate right at this moment was fate.

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Come On, Aussie!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

In all honesty, when I did this nail art, I had no plans for it to represent Australia. But given its close proximity to the Olympics, and its Australian colours, well, it seemed almost natural that it suddenly become a representation of my patriotism (such as it is…).

Come On, Aussie!

This was originally designed from a nail design I saw on the Net, replicating a kind of tie-dye shirt. Funny how things change.

All that’s required are four polishes, a sponge, and the ever-faithful Scotch tape. White polish goes down first for two reasons. One, to form the colour that shows as lines between the other colours, and also to brighten the following colours. If you ever want to brighten a colour, just throw some white underneath it.

You then cut up the Scotch tape into narrow triangles, of differing widths and lengths, to lend the appearance of randomness.

Is that even a word?

Come On, Aussie! 02

The Scotch triangles are placed sporadically onto your nails (the undercoat – in this case, the white – MUST be dry prior to this step!!!). I recommend making every nail unique. And then you sponge away. I must admit, I love sponging. I find it strangely entertaining. Amusing. Fun.

Clearly it doesn’t take much to please me.

You want to alternate the three remaining colours, to give a blended, again random, feel. I used a bright yellow, a similarly bright blue, and a bright green. Actually, on reflection, I think they were all from the same Sally Hansen range.

When colours are sponged onto the nails, they lose some of their luminosity, their brightness, so in the end they gave me a nice soft look.

Come On, Aussie! 03

The colours can be any you choose; I just liked the almost pastel feel. Yeah, there’s those pastels again…

Once your colours have dried, you can remove the tape. Hopefully your colours won’t smudge or come away, and hopefully your bottom colour doesn’t stick to the tape! I had that problem on a finger or two – a sure sign that the polish wasn’t 100% dry prior to taping.

My bad?

Come On, Aussie! 04

And so there you have it: my contribution in support of our fellow Australians competing in London :)

For those from differing countries, you may wonder at the colour choice. Yes, the Australian flag may be blue, red and white, but the Australian people strongly contest this, and declare our official colours to be green and gold. You may have seen these colours at the Olympics this year, and in previous years.

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!