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Green and Pink, Who’d Have Thought?

Green and Pink, Who'd Have Thought?

Certainly an interesting colour combo!

Okay, so I get the whole complimentary colours, and adjacent colour thing, and, you know, the shades and tones business, but it has never occurred to me to pair green with pink. Ever. I kid you not. Not for an entire nail art. In my mind, these two colours have just never clicked. But when I saw a picture of this nail art, it was simply…perfect.

Naturally, I had to try it.

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Oink Oink!

Oink Oink! 1

Who doesn’t want some bacon on their nails?

Aren’t they just the cutest? ^o^ After the success of my reindeer nails at Christmas, I was encouraged by a fellow writing critique group member to do some piggies in honour of our critique group. See, we’re the HOGS – yes, like the pig. It’s short for ‘Hearts of Gold’ (aww!). We like to call each other piggies, and collectively, we are a sty.

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Delicate? Methinks So

Delicate? Methinks So 01

An interesting contrast: the smoothest polish job I’ve ever done, coupled with an unintentionally rough sponging…

Don’t you just love the moment nail polish goes on smoothly and perfectly? Well, I do. It happens so rarely, you know. And not typically with a narrow-brush polish. But that’s exactly what happened in this euphoric moment. The Revlon light purple just lay itself out perfectly on my nails. Win!

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Green with Envy

Green With Envy 01

And before you think I have creepy arms with some very flexible joints, these are two pics put together :P

As far as cliché titles go, this one takes the cake. Sprinkles, cherries, the whole shebang. I know, alright? But I happen to like clichés, so…sorry-not sorry!!

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Nude Dotti

After seeing this nude polish in a store, I found myself rather curious. I’ve seen nude lipsticks and whatnot over the years, but I had never really seen nude polishes. I’m sure they were around – I was just oblivious to their existence.

And so I just HAD to buy the lacquer, and try it on for size. Or rather, colour, as the case may be…

Nude Dotti 01

I probably should have chosen a colour a few shades lighter – I’ve got to remember I have the shade of a ghost! But I think the nude still works on me. Especially when brightened by my rainbow dots!

It took me a bit of thinking to decide on doing rainbow colours over the nude. Though really, it’s kind of common sense. The neutral colour would make the rainbow really pop O_O

Nude Dotti 02

It was inevitable that I dotted the rainbow colours. Let’s face it; I’m a dotting addict!

I refused to take pictures of my right hand – ambidextrous Mish will never be ^^; Don’t the dots form cute, unique French tips? A beautiful, uncomplicated nail design (just a little on the time-consuming side).

Nude Dotti 03

For the curious, that is the Queensland tartan (yes, our state has its own tartan). It’s not mine – tartan’s not exactly my thing…