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Jeanetics 1

Admit it – it’s a cute title, ne?

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across a really incredible idea? It might not be your own, but it’s something so great (to your mind, at least) that you simply have to try it? That’s how I felt when I found these zip water decals.

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Confetti That

Confetti That 01

It could go with any colour, really – blue, pink, purple, a watermelon shade…

I know, I know – I swore I would never use a BK confetti polish ever again. Not after the hellish time I had removing the black and white lot. But my mother happened to buy me this bottle for Christmas…and it looked really really good!

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Elephant Jade

Elephant Jade 01

Okay, so there’s neither elephants nor jade in this nail art

I’ve been curious for a while as to how a true marble look is achieved. Because sponging just doesn’t cut it. And water marble…let’s not even go there.

Welcome to the dry marble.

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Catch of the Day – District 4

Catch of the Day

District 4, district of fishing. The District I’ve been looking forward to ever since last year, when I started my Hunger Games nail art series. That is, until I completely stole half my idea and used it for my latest mermaid mani, leaving me high and dry for my fishing nails -___-


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Why So Blue?

Why So Blue? 01

Don’t you just love impulse buys? I have to admit, I’m particularly vulnerable to impulse buying, which doesn’t always end well, but this nail polish is one impulse I’m glad I gave in to.

I’m a sucker for glitter.

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