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O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree 01

Well. I learnt one thing while doing this nail art.

I seriously need to practice my water marbling technique O.o

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Rainbow Wings

There appeas to be a theme happening, here: rainbow. Unintentional on my part, I swear!

Here’s Manicure Number Two: water marbling.

For those not in the know, water marbling is a nail art technique where you use the surface of water to make marble designs and transfer them to your nail. In this case, the black would be my marbling. For visual tutes on how to accomplish this, just search in YouTube. There is an obscenely large number of water marbling tutorials out there.

Rainbow Wings 01

Start with a base coat, then put on some white polish. This brings out the vibrancy of the colours. Feel free to skip this step – but what’s a rainbow without its vivacity? Spong on the five colours, starting at the base of your nail with red, and ending in purple. This was my first attempt at sponging, so I think I did pretty well. Try to avoid sponging the yellow onto the red; it makes an awful orange colour, and detracts from the brightness of the yellow. And really, yellow is what makes this manicure look so great. Otherwise, it just looks dulls (I know – you should have seen my right hand!)

Next, tape your fingers around the nails – if you fail to do this step, the water marbling will go all down your finger, and removing all that concentrated polish is not my idea of a blast.

To do the water marbling, you need a plastic cup. Fill it with water. Then proceed to drop alternating drops of polish onto the water, creating a bull’s-eye effect.

Now here’s another problem. It sounds fun and easy when you read about it – not so much in practice. All tutorials tell you to use filtered water. I’m not sure if tap water will completely stuff it up – I just went straight to the filtered stuff to make my life easier. By all means, try tap water, and let me know how it fairs. I used black nail polish for the ‘wings’, and a transparent polish (a pale pink used for French nails) to let the rainbow shine through. At first, I tried using white polish, but my brands just didn’t seem to work that great. They were too thick, they didn’t want to spread on the water. So I subbed them for the French manicure colour.

Rainbow Wings 02

Then there was the black. My first polish – an Inglot black – failed epically. Same problem as the white. So I went out (it was my only black – why would I need two?) and purchased a Maybelline black – many tutes suggested this brand for water marbling due to its consistency.

Yeah, not so great, it turns out.

Or at least, Mish was a douche and bought a quick dry polish. Not my proudest moment. Obviously, the polish dried too swiftly on the water surface, failing to allow the other colour to spread over it. Cueanothertrip to the store. I ended up with a Sally Hansen black – when in doubt, go for Sally Hansen; that’s my motto. And good ol’ Sally worked her wonders.

From there, take a toothpick and manipulate the polish on the water surface into the rounded design. You can use an orange stick or anything else that has a narrow pointy end. Once happy with the design, gently stick your finger into the water, nail side down, on a 45 degree angle. Supposedly, this reduces air bubbles; I still got a few, but I think that is to be expected on your first try. Swivel a toothpick in the water to gather up the excess marbling, and pull your finger out at the same angle. Voila! You have a wing pattern over your rainbows.

Now it’s just a matter of removing the tape, and cleaning up any black that got onto your skin. Well, and then the top coats, of course. Can’t go without a top coat! Or two. Or three…

And there you have it; a very pretty manicure:

Rainbow Wings 03

All in all, not bad for a first attempt! :)