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I’ll Take a Shamrock to Go

I'll Take a Shamrock to Go 1

Yeah, hi, can I please have a shamrock to go?

Yeah, I know, okay? St Patrick’s Day nail art in NOVEMBER?! So I’m seriously behind in my nail art blogging. Accept it and move on.

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A White Christmas

A White Christmas 01

A nail art created with the naive hope of a White Christmas.

Heck, forget naive. It would take a massive polar shift for my home to ever receive even a single flurry of snowflakes during the festive season. That, or the beginning of the apocalypse. Or the Second Coming of Jesus . Or just a plain ol’ miracle.

You get the idea.

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A Sparkly Christmas

A Sparkly Christmas

Okay, so it would seem my creativity is sorely lacking in the Christmas nail art naming department. Ah, well. I guess the title tells you exactly what you get. A positive?

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Mermaid Fashion

Mermaid Fashion 01

I had to go to a cocktail party at a conference. Themed. Part of me squeals like a teenager at the thought of hunting down a cute costume, while another part of me shrivels up in distaste at having to actually think of a costume. ‘Nautical or Nice’. A rather broad theme, wouldn’t you say?

Well, luckily I’ve always had a thing for mermaids, so the decision was already sorted. But what do I do about my nails? I’ve already done two mermaid inspired manis… What’s left? O.o

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Pink Princess

Pink Princess_01

i just can’t seem to get away from the pink, can I? And for someone who is only learning to like pink in recent years, this is quite a feat! O.o

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