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Parisian Delicacy

Parisian Delicacy 01

Glitter is glamour!

This is one nail art I absolutely love ^o^ In my random nail art inspiration folder, I found a picture I simply HAD to try. Luckily, it had a watermark, so I am able to provide a link to the original: Orientalo-Graphique Nail Art. Tartofraises is the name of the French artist, and she is simply awesome.

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Candy Cheer

I’ve made no secret of the fact that pink is not particularly one of my favoured colours. You may wonder, then, why I choose it as a feature colour in quite a number of my manicures. Well, in this particular case, it wasn’t supposed to be pink!

And techincally, it isn’t.

Candy Cheer 01

Okay, let me start at the beginning. Having been delighted by the results of my previous tie-dye-ish nail art (Come On, Aussie!), I really wanted another go at it, but with different colours and design. I was curious to see how well red and dark purple went together.

Well, that was the plan.

Candy Cheer 02

Red + Purple = Pink.

Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Yeah, well, Mish clearly didn’t get that memo.

I started sponging the red – I couldn’t figure out which I was supposed to do first, red or purple. It was quite solid, and not really suitable for sponging, but that’s another story. Then I went in guns blazing with two shades of purple. All was going well…until I added a purple-based red-sparkly-flake polish.

Candy Cheer 03

The sparkling flakes aren’t visible in most of these shots (one day I WILL learn to take all my pictures during daylight!), but the purple colour is visible over the red.

Of course, the inevitable happened. The red was no longer red, but candy pink. So, experiment failed. I mean, it still looks nice – pink and purple DO go together. But the whole point was to see how red and purple looked together.

Better luck next time?

Candy Cheer 04

I was told by a friend that my nails look suitable for cheerleading, or rather Katy Perry-esque. They remind me of candy. Not sure why…


There are times when I simply want…well, simplicity. When I yearn for the uncomplicated, the straightforward. The quick and easy. In other words…I can be lazy.

For this manicure, I was all out of effort, and just wanted to slap some polish on my nails.

Luckily for my nails, I managed something a little more elaborate than just a basic paint job. I decided to try my new OPI peach lacquer – which I must say, I really like. It has this sort of yellowish tinge to it in some lights. Reminds me of the sun (hence: Sunbeam).

Sunbeam 04

And then I decided to whip out my brand new Nfu-Oh selection and lather on my orangey-yellow sparklies to the free edge, to form a quick French manicure. OK, so it’s typically bright orange, but when held on juuuust the right angle, you can see this vibrant yellow. Very daisy-ish.

Sunbeam 05

And what’s nail art without some handy dots?

In reality – the peach and the sparkles were too close in colour when the sparkles weren’t being luminous, so I needed something to break up the orange-fest. The black dots were SUPPOSED to be decreasing in size, but I was in such a hurry that that idea failed.

At least I managed to consistently count to five…

Sunbeam 02

If you’re of a mind to try this manicure, you can swap the Nfu-Oh sparklies for glitter, be it normal or a peach(ish) glitter. As long as it shines like the sun!