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Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure 01

Tragedy has struck. The nail on my left ring finger broke off. Right at the smile line. I am horrified. Quite honestly, I felt like crying in that moment. I haven’t had a nail this short since…well, since I was a child. Not only does it look positively ghastly, the strange sensation of things touching my newly-bared skin is horrible.


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A Scaly Tale

I felt like attempting scales. As in, fish scales. Strange, I know. I couldn’t even really say what brought this on.┬áBy no stretch of the imagination could you call this nail art a mermaid’s tail – thank god I didn’t attempt that, then!

A Scaly Tail 01

Success: slim to moderate.

A Scaly Tail 02

I think this manicure would have had more success as a gel enchancement. I used several shades of blue mylar to recreate the scales, over a light blue polish. However, those damn mylar pieces refused to follow the curve on my nails. The determined things insisted on sticking up at odd angles, resisting all attempts to flatten it with top coat.

Gel would definitely have given this a smooth finish.

A Scaly Tale 03

The camera picked up strange green tones in the mylar – strange because these weren’t visible to the eye. The mylar was actually a dark blue. A shame that beautiful colour isn’t present…

A Scaly Tale 04

A Scaly Tale 05