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Jeanetics 1

Admit it – it’s a cute title, ne?

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across a really incredible idea? It might not be your own, but it’s something so great (to your mind, at least) that you simply have to try it? That’s how I felt when I found these zip water decals.

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All Pinked Out

All Pinked Out 01

I recently stumbled across the nail art style of saran wrap. For those who do not hie from America (myself included), saran wrap is otherwise known as cling wrap. You know, that clear sticky stuff you put over food? Yeah, that.

Didn’t think this common household item could be used to make nail art, eh?

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Candy Corn

Candy Corn - 01

With Hallowe’en swiftly approaching, it’s time my nails got decked out in suitable fashion. So I bring you: Candy Corn à la Mish. I know, I know, how very American of me. Candy corn is not exactly your typical staple in Australia, but I figure it’s quintessential Hallowe’en, so I gave it a go.

The hardest challenge I’ve ever had to face: to straight line or not to straight line :P

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A Christmas Dilemma

A Christmas Dilemma 01

Here we have Christmas nail art #3. It is perhaps the simplest of my Christmas nail art – Christmas at its purest. The traditional colours of holly leaf green and berry red do look so nice together, don’t they?

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O Starry Night

Along with my many eccentricities and unusual interests, I quite like the night sky. I mean, it’s so beautiful. Not many people take the time to just look up at the stars, to completely clear their mind and just embrace the serenity.

I attempted to capture that elegance.

O Starry Night 01

I chose a nice deep blue; it’s so dark it almost appears black. However, with the clever idea to apply a matte top coat, that blue turns a delightful velvet shade. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

To achieve the different stars, I used a mixture of acrylic paint and glitter.

O Starry Night 02

Some white paint and a light blue were dotted onto the blue. Small glitter flakes in white and blue were added to the mix. Unfortunately, they appear very green in these pictures, but trust me, that’s just the light reflecting.

I wanted the stars to be random, and I didn’t want to overdo them, so I thought the old adage ‘less is more’ was most appropriate.

O Starry Night 03