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Mermaid Fashion

Mermaid Fashion 01

I had to go to a cocktail party at a conference. Themed. Part of me squeals like a teenager at the thought of hunting down a cute costume, while another part of me shrivels up in distaste at having to actually think of a costume. ‘Nautical or Nice’. A rather broad theme, wouldn’t you say?

Well, luckily I’ve always had a thing for mermaids, so the decision was already sorted. But what do I do about my nails? I’ve already done two mermaid inspired manis… What’s left? O.o

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Frosted Pink

Frosted Pink 01

Ever want a natural look for your nails, but something a little more exciting than just plain polish? Well, here’s a manicure for you! It’s cute, simple, and perfect for both short or long nails ^o^

All it takes is a pale pink polish and a Konad stamp plate.

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Sophisticated Fuchsia

I will admit, this nail art was a bit of a hurry – time really got away from me, leaving me with little time to get it done it. Nevertheless, I’m quite fond of the overall design (if not the execution…).

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A Dashing Christmas

A Dashing Christmas 01

And so we come to the culmination of Christmas nail art 2012 with entry #4. A more elegant touch, to be sure. I wanted to take a more abstract approach to the whole Christmas theme. Sure, I could just slap a candy cane or a reindeer on my nails and it would be Christmas. But that is just so…everyone.

Hence, a more sophistocated approach.

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Smokey 01

Alright, I’ll admit: not my finest naming attempt. I was desperate, okay?

Here’s one of my original nail art ideas. On my Pink Ribbon manicure, I’d tried a new way of sponging, and I wondered how it would work as a French manicure, with the French pink as the dominant colour. I don’t know quite what made me choose the chocolate brown. Reminiscing my Freckles nail art, perhaps?

Smokey 02

I took stock of my Konad stamps and decided I really only had one stamp appropriate for this look. A little repetitive from Pink Ribbon, but what the heck.

Works for me!