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Delicate? Methinks So

Delicate? Methinks So 01

An interesting contrast: the smoothest polish job I’ve ever done, coupled with an unintentionally rough sponging…

Don’t you just love the moment nail polish goes on smoothly and perfectly? Well, I do. It happens so rarely, you know. And not typically with a narrow-brush polish. But that’s exactly what happened in this euphoric moment. The Revlon light purple just lay itself out perfectly on my nails. Win!

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How can cute curls not scream sophistication?

Trawling through my source files of nail art, there’s one that really stood out to me. It utilises the rather hard-to-pull-off-successfully nail frame…in a unique way. I’ve always wanted to give this one a whirl, but was unsure exactly of how to achieve said optimal results. Mish’s hand is not exactly the steadiest…

A surgeon I will never be.

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All Pinked Out

All Pinked Out 01

I recently stumbled across the nail art style of saran wrap. For those who do not hie from America (myself included), saran wrap is otherwise known as cling wrap. You know, that clear sticky stuff you put over food? Yeah, that.

Didn’t think this common household item could be used to make nail art, eh?

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A White Christmas

A White Christmas 01

A nail art created with the naive hope of a White Christmas.

Heck, forget naive. It would take a massive polar shift for my home to ever receive even a single flurry of snowflakes during the festive season. That, or the beginning of the apocalypse. Or the Second Coming of Jesus . Or just a plain ol’ miracle.

You get the idea.

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The Might of a Storm – District 5

The Might of a Storm_01

Yes, you read that right: District 5. I can hear all the outraged cries – what happened to District 6?? Did you make a mistake?

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