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I’ll Take a Shamrock to Go

I'll Take a Shamrock to Go 1

Yeah, hi, can I please have a shamrock to go?

Yeah, I know, okay? St Patrick’s Day nail art in NOVEMBER?! So I’m seriously behind in my nail art blogging. Accept it and move on.

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Enough With the Fire Nails

Enough With the Fire Nails 1

Ah, foil… One of the best inventions for nail art…

I have a problem with red. Nail polish, that is. The ones I have are all thin, translucent things, that take many coats to gather any semblance of opacity, and even then you can still typically see your smile line. Oh, and that’s not the worst of it. They don’t photograph well. As in, you can try taking thirty shots in different light using different filters on the camera, and only one will turn out remotely close to the original.

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Parisian Delicacy

Parisian Delicacy 01

Glitter is glamour!

This is one nail art I absolutely love ^o^ In my random nail art inspiration folder, I found a picture I simply HAD to try. Luckily, it had a watermark, so I am able to provide a link to the original: Orientalo-Graphique Nail Art. Tartofraises is the name of the French artist, and she is simply awesome.

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Rainbow Style

Rainbow Style 01

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of matching my nails to things. Events, festivities, clothing…you get the idea. Well, now I can say I’ve officially matched my nails to cupcakes.

Cute, huh?

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Regency Heroine

Regency Heroine 01

Ever wanted to step back in time, to the days when courtship and dancing were the height of romance, and rules of etiquette meant everything? You know, just spend a day as a Jane Austen character? At Picnic at Pemberley, you can do just that.

Is it any surprise that I jumped on that bandwagon? (Practically leapt onto it, actually…)

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