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Strawberry Nail Art

I see fruit-inspired nail art online all the time – watermelons, apples, oranges…if you can eat it, it’s been done. Some look really good (and some look very very bad ^^;). Upon spying a fresh punnet of strawberries in the fridge, I gave in to the desire and attempted my own fruit art.

To rather pleasing results ^o^

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Candy Corn

Candy Corn - 01

With Hallowe’en swiftly approaching, it’s time my nails got decked out in suitable fashion. So I bring you: Candy Corn à la Mish. I know, I know, how very American of me. Candy corn is not exactly your typical staple in Australia, but I figure it’s quintessential Hallowe’en, so I gave it a go.

The hardest challenge I’ve ever had to face: to straight line or not to straight line :P

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I’ve never really understood the current trend for caviar nails. Yes, you heard me – caviar nails. You get a heap of multicoloured microbeads, and stick them to your nails with polish, and voila – you have a manicure that resembles the offspring of fish.

Strange, right?

But what really baffled me was the practicality of it all. I mean, how do the beads stay on? Seriously? Not to mention, I’d never thought it an attractive look. Nevertheless, my mother came home one day with a DIY caviar nail kit, and I thought – why  not?

Now, I think: Whoever invented caviar nails can go rot in hell.

Caviar 01

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Fairy Floss 2.0

I love the Ekka. It’s the only time of the year when it’s okay to act like a little kid. For those who aren’t local, the Ekka is the Royal Brisbane Show, otherwise known as the Exhibition. I don’t know what psychotic chap decided ‘Ekka’ was short for ‘Exhibition’, but I suppose that’s really beside the point. Just imagine a big, fun carnival.

One Ekka tradition is the consumption of copious amounts of concentrated sugar. In other words: fairy floss.

Fairy Floss 2.0 01 I know I’ve already done a fairy floss manicure, and trust me, you’ll never get me within ten feet of the real stuff, but my friend Sarah is obsessed with the artery-clogging, sticky treat, and requested this nail art for herself on our trip to the Ekka.

How could I refuse?

Fairy Floss 2.0 02

The colours are sponged on, one: to achieve the gradient-ish look, and two: to give the colours a softer look. It’s supposed to be spun sugar, after all!

And what’s a sugary look without glitter? Ah yes, my dear friend glitter.

Fairy Floss 2.0 03

I didn’t have the luxury of going out to buy the appropriate colours, so I had to make do with what I had in my collection. Not to mention I didn’t have a stockpile of fairy floss at my disposal to attempt to match colours.

I think I did a pretty good job in selecting colours, yes?


I have a serious chocolate addiction. Hard to believe, I know – a female who likes chocolate? Oh my! :P As I contemplated the myriad designs I could do to my nails this week, it occured to me that I felt like doing something yummy.

Freckles 01

And what’s more delicious than chocolate freckles?

Ahem – chocolate jewels. Isn’t that the politically correct term for them nowadays? *sigh*

Rather than doing my own nails for this choc-fest, I thought they would better suit the Delightful Dana. She’s a sweet kinda gal :D

Freckles 02

I bought a chocolate brown specifically for this purpose. I think the salesgirl at Priceline had a nice chuckle over me – I required a second opinion for the most appropriate brown, after all.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I didn’t add some pink dots – the freckles include pink 100s and 1000s. I had to make up a pink paint (for some reason I do not own this colour acrylic) and it wasn’t exactly a nice shade (an artist I am not). Plus, the nail art looked divine without the pink, so I just vetoed it.

Freckles 03

Why don’t you turn your own nails into pieces of such deliciousness? It’s simple, quick, and positively mouth-watering!