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Enough With the Fire Nails

Enough With the Fire Nails 1

Ah, foil… One of the best inventions for nail art…

I have a problem with red. Nail polish, that is. The ones I have are all thin, translucent things, that take many coats to gather any semblance of opacity, and even then you can still typically see your smile line. Oh, and that’s not the worst of it. They don’t photograph well. As in, you can try taking thirty shots in different light using different filters on the camera, and only one will turn out remotely close to the original.

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Solarbeam 1

The power just a little sparkle can add O.o

Each time I do my nails, it’s a new challenge. What can I do that’s different from what I’ve done before? What can I do that is good enough to see on my nails for days on end? I’ll be honest: I get bored very easily. Once something becomes common, it is no longer interesting.

Just as well my foil collection is underused.

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A Leopard Can Change Its Spots

A Leopard Can Change Its Spots 01

Here, kitty, kitty!

A new selection of foil purchases from Dollar Nail Art has opened a whole new realm of nail art possibilities ^o^ The first foil I was simply dying to trying is the Leopard foil.

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Dreamcatcher 01

Iridescent beauty

I have a thing for dreamcatchers. I can thank new Korean drama¬†The Heirs for that. I never really had a fascination with them before. But now, having watched this drama (which is probably my second fave drama ^o^), I’m obsessed. Read the rest of this entry

Rainbow Flash

Rainbow Flash - 01

Totally forgot I had this awesome nail foil hiding away in my drawer with the dust bunnies. When I bought it from the Dollar Nail Art store, I hadn’t a clue how I would use it. I mean, it’s just a 5ft roll of foil with a pretty colour gradient – from red, to orange, to yellow, to green…you get the picture.

Silly me – this idea is just so blatantly obvious, and yet it eluded me. Until now.

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