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Filigree Teal

Filigree Teal 01

Now that I have this neat new striping brush, I was eager to put it through its paces. And what better way to do that than to try out some filigree designs?

Note to self: next time you try filigree, you might want to look at a template…

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I so loved my Water Lilies nail art, that I simply had to reuse the components in a different theme. This time: wildflowers. I loved the colour of the red dried flowers in my possession, so they formed the basis of the manicure.

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Water Lilies

I’m not exactly commonly known to be an artiste – that would be because I am not particularly talented with a paintbrush. And yet, I have a decent appreciation for art. I had never before imagined replicating a painting on my nails, but after seeing Michelle Phan’s Monet-inspired nail art, I simply had to give it a go.

I took on board Michelle Phan’s version of Claude Monet’s water lilies, rather than configure my own interpretation; her colours were simply too delightful to not try!

Water Lilies 01

Using a sponge and a paintbrush, I tackled this manicure. As a base coat, I used a cheap blue from Revlon: Waterfall. It has little blue shimmers in the colour. Let me tell you, it was a you-know-what to apply! It took three to coats to even out the dodgy polish; it was not exactly the smoothest of polishes. I think those cute shimmers might have contributed to this. Despite this, I think the outcome outweighs the drama of application.

Up close, this design is supposed to really just be an accumulation of dots and blending. From more of a distance, you can see more of the design. I think I should have used more of a green green, than an aqua green to represent the lily pads; they kind of blend into the water.


Water Lilies 02

In case you can’t tell, there are pink/magenta and yellow flowers (the lilies, if you will) painted onto the green. These bright colours lift the nail art, making it really pop. And then…

Yep, those are dried flowers!

On each nail, there are two dried yellow flowers. These give the look an extra dimension. Not quite 3D, but you can see a slightly raised effect.

Water Lilies 03

As a final touch, there is glitter (as always, faithful Sally Hansen’s Disco Ball). It gives the water more of a realistic feel. You know, as if the sun were shining off its depths.

I’ll admit the nail art is abstract at best – like I said, I’m not exactly a painter. But the colours just make me smile.

Water Lilies 04

Are you smiling?