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Jeanetics 1

Admit it – it’s a cute title, ne?

You know that feeling you get when you stumble across a really incredible idea? It might not be your own, but it’s something so great (to your mind, at least) that you simply have to try it? That’s how I felt when I found these zip water decals.

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One Nail to Rule Them All

One Nail to Rule Them All_01

Okay, not so sure about the gold and silver together…never the twain shall meet

It’s about high time I got around to some Lord of the Rings nail art. Seriously. It’s been HOW many years since the movies came out? There are neverending sources of inspiration from the trilogy (and The Hobbit, for that matter) – but why avoid the obvious?

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A White Christmas

A White Christmas 01

A nail art created with the naive hope of a White Christmas.

Heck, forget naive. It would take a massive polar shift for my home to ever receive even a single flurry of snowflakes during the festive season. That, or the beginning of the apocalypse. Or the Second Coming of Jesus . Or just a plain ol’ miracle.

You get the idea.

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Bauble 01

When I think of Christmas trees, I think of baubles. Most people would likely say tinsel (which I’d probably agree with, except for the fact that our tree is sans tinsel), or a star (our tree is patronised by an angel instead). But to me, baubles are the quintessential Christmas decoration.

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Certified Royalty

Okay, so this time I just felt like doing something simple. Something very basic, yet still catchy. Cue: Certified Royalty.

Certified Royalty 01

Crowns are such a delightful accessory ^_^

The gold – Revlon’s Gold Get Em – is a particularly thin polish, so despite my three coats, it’s still rather transparent. Heck, take a look at the flash-photo below, and you can see through the polish even more! But I love this colour; it’s so soft, and happy.

Certified Royalty 02

I really wanted to use my crown decals, and it took a bit of thinking to decide where I would place them on my nails. At this point in time, my nails are pleasantly long, so I decided to make them appear longer by sticking the crowns at the base of the nails.

I’ll admit, my precision was off, but those darn decals just DID NOT want to come off my fingers!!! ^^; Once I’d peeled them off the backing sheet, they’d just cling like ivy. Some crown lost their sparkly points before they made it to my fingers, so I had to fetch another crown.

Just as well I had crowns to spare! ^0^