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Oink Oink!

Oink Oink! 1

Who doesn’t want some bacon on their nails?

Aren’t they just the cutest? ^o^ After the success of my reindeer nails at Christmas, I was encouraged by a fellow writing critique group member to do some piggies in honour of our critique group. See, we’re the HOGS – yes, like the pig. It’s short for ‘Hearts of Gold’ (aww!). We like to call each other piggies, and collectively, we are a sty.

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A Leopard Can Change Its Spots

A Leopard Can Change Its Spots 01

Here, kitty, kitty!

A new selection of foil purchases from Dollar Nail Art has opened a whole new realm of nail art possibilities ^o^ The first foil I was simply dying to trying is the Leopard foil.

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Bumblebee 01

Buzzing amongst the flora ^ ^

Shortly after Christmas, I saw a bee. Yes, this is a big occurrence. I don’t often see bees. I mean, sure, I know they’re there, buzzing around, pollinating flowers and whatnot. But I never really¬†see them. (Maybe I should get out more?)

But on this day, I looked out the window, and there it was: a cute little bumblebee.

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Oh Deer!

Oh Deer! 01

Original name, I know :P But I simply had to!

I debated whether to do some Christmas nail art this year – I pretty much exhausted my supply of ideas last year. Then common sense snapped me out of it – where was my festive spirit??

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Swan Lake

Swan Lake 01

When one goes to see the most beautiful ballet in the world, what is the one must-have accessory? Matching nails, of course! Swan Lake inspired so many different ideas in my mind, but I could only choose one.

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