How can cute curls not scream sophistication?

Trawling through my source files of nail art, there’s one that really stood out to me. It utilises the rather hard-to-pull-off-successfully nail frame…in a unique way. I’ve always wanted to give this one a whirl, but was unsure exactly of how to achieve said optimal results. Mish’s hand is not exactly the steadiest…

A surgeon I will never be.

Suave 02

It’s passable at the very least…right?

Sponging a pale pinky-purple and lavender gradient was the easy part. We all know how to do that. It was the next part that was…challenging.

I like a good challenge ^_^

Following my source pic as a guide, I started in on the swirls. Now, it’s been so long since I actually did this nail art, I cannot recall if I used polish or paint. Given the way the swirls are raised, I’d bet on polish. I don’t recall paint ever stacking like that!

Suave 03

And that, really, is the flaw: it shouldn’t be raised!!

Ah, how well I remember the difficulty in creating these swirls. Straight lines, sure, I can kinda manage that. It’s a straight brush, after all. The minute you ask me to produce curved lines…

All hell breaks loose.

And of course, the colour I used was rather translucent, so of course, multiple coats ensued. You know how hard it is to go over the same lines??? Sigh.

But despite the unintentionally three-dimensional artwork, I think this is a very cute nail art.


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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