A Whisper of Colour

A Whisper of Colour 01

Not quite sure what that spot is… ♪ And at last I seeeee the liiiight!! ♫ Oops, sorry ^^;

Haha. Get it? A whisper of colour?

Okay, okay, so I’m just amusing myself with the Understatement of the Year. Moving on.

I figured I’d try my hand at DIY water marbling. Although, I guess without the water, it’s not so much a water marble as just plain marble. Meh. You catch my drift. You. Catch. My. Drift. I’ve seen this done to very pretty results. So why not give it a whack?

A Whisper of Colour 02

Wham! Bam! Pow! There’s just something about this mani that makes me wax onomatopoeic…

So. Here’s how it goes.

1. Apply base coat. Yeah, yeah, that was a given. Apply white base colour – to allow your colours to shine brighter. OPI’s Alpine Snow works a treat, with just two layers.

2. Ooh, the fun part: place drops of polish onto one nail. Since I’m using so many colours, I only use one drop per colour. More drops for less colours. And by a drop, I don’t mean this great big wet spot that spreads over your whole nail. One, not really the effect we’re going for, and two, that’ll take an age to dry!

To add to my rainbow effect, I strategically placed my polish, following the rainbow colour order (Inglot red, BYS Blazing Orange, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Revlon Posh, BYS Scented-Navy Blue, BYS Shimmer Tutti Frutti).

A whisper of Colour 03


3. Using a striping tool/brush, make swirls/lines/patterns in the wet polish. There’s no real rule here; just have fun! Don’t forget to blot your striper on a tissue to get rid of extra polish – otherwise it will put unwanted colour on your nail art!

I made the mistake on my first two nails of using Rimmel Lovely Lilac after the pink. As it didn’t pop so much as the other colours, it really dragged the whole look down, looking almost grey amongst the bright rainbow.

I made the executive decision to axe it on the third nail.


4. Wait for your mani to dry, then clean up as per usual. You might have a lot of excess polish around your cuticles, which is a real pain in the you-know-what to clean up.

5. Go back and ‘fix’ your artwork. I found that my pink overpowered my red in places, as did the orange, as they were surprisingly runny, so I went back over some spots with red, to give it more presence. Take this opportunity to fill in any spots you missed and can see white (or heaven forbid, see NAIL) – or spots where you might accidentally have removed colour when cleaning cuticles *cough*

A Whisper of Colour 04

See the purple?

And there you have it. Slap on some top coat, and Bob’s your uncle (where did that saying come from??).

I tried doing different designs on every finger. Even managed to get a whirlpool in there! You might like to go for more consistency. Whatever floats your boat. Either way, you get a nice marble look without the hassle of water marbling (because let’s face it: water marbling is waaaaay too much work).

These colours are just so frickin’ bright, I keep seeing them flash out of the corner of my eye, and then spend the next minute or so staring at them…

A Whisper of Colour 05

I think the lack of purple on my right hand makes for a better look.

A Whisper of Colour

Sigh. I miss this mani…


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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