Dreamcatcher 01

Iridescent beauty

I have a thing for dreamcatchers. I can thank new Korean drama The Heirs for that. I never really had a fascination with them before. But now, having watched this drama (which is probably my second fave drama ^o^), I’m obsessed. A gold-woven, purple-feathered dreamcatcher plays a symbolic role for the blossoming love between our two leads in The Heirs (played by the lovely Park Shin Hye and the yummy Lee Min Ho). It is simply so enchanting, I have to have it on my nails! I really want this mani to POP, so foil is definitely my medium of choice. As per nail foil rules, I applied BYS’s Pouty Purple first, close in colour to my foil. This is just in case your foil doesn’t cover all of your nail, kinda like camouflage. Turns out it was pretty important for this mani!

Dreamcatcher 02

Exhibit A: immediately after foiling

My nail foil Imperial Iris is a radiant dark-toned purple, with flecks of blue, pink, and green. It looked stunning over the purple polish. But the minute I applied a layer of top coat…it’s like the nail polish ate through the foil.

Dreamcatcher 03

Exhibit B: one clear coat ??

Which, incidentally, is a pretty cool look, but I am so flabbergasted that this happened in the first place! I know that some (read: all of mine) top coats can cause crackling in foil, but this? I didn’t know it could act like acid. Weeeird. It took me a solid hour to paint my dreamcatchers on my left hand in a DIY gold paint. Intense, right? And so finicky! I had to focus on steadying my hand – I don’t have the steadiest hands to start off with. A bit of a problem for artistic flair… ^^; I’m pleasantly surprised that my striping tool was up to the challenge. The gold paint isn’t the strongest, so it has two coats. Painting the dreamcatchers once was hard; painting them a second time has difficult! But I’m very happy with the results.

Dreamcatcher 04

In direct light, the original gleam of the foil peeks through

I wasn’t nearly brave enough to try feathers with this gold paint – it wasn’t the thinnest I’ve used, and therefore not particularly malleable. So I went for a more beaded look. Now that I think about it, this nail art really resembles the earrings I took photos with. I’d just grabbed them because of the similar colours. But this could easily pass as a nail art based on them. So…feathers next time?

Dreamcatcher 05

Dreamcatcher vs earrings


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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