NewS Makes the World Happy

NewS 01

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow?

Or should I say, NewS makes Mish happy? Seriously. I never understood idol worship…until them. Now I’ve turned into one of those freaky “Kyaa!” girls, obsessively listening to their music nonstop.

Okay, so I can hear you all wondering who NewS is. Yeah, that’s right, your thoughts are too loud.

Let me educate you. NewS is a very talented Japanese boy group. My favourite singers of all time, in case you weren’t getting the idea.

The group may only have four members these days, but I decided to honour the six member version of NewS in my nail art. Each member has their own colour, portrayed in my rainbows ^^ Red for Yamapi, yellow for Massu, green for Shige, blue for Ryo, purple for Koyama, and pink for Tegoshi. (No, I didn’t make that up; they really do have those colours…)

NewS 02

Blurry, much?

Since NewS is a very happy, fan-friendly group, rainbows and clouds are highly appropriate. Even more so since their latest concert DVD has a rainbow on it :)

Again, my cheap Revlon Waterfall has come in handy. Still an awful polish to deal with, but it works a treat for water or sky. Those subtle light blue flecks give it a whole new depth.

OPI Alpine Snow forms my clouds, applied with a dotting tool. Although, they are kinda clumsy clouds. They are somewhat less…smooth than I’d imagined. Guess I need some practice with my dotting tool and large dots.

NewS 03

Pfft…my rainbows aren’t flawed. You’re simply imagining things…

Things started to fall apart when I tackled the rainbows. I mean, they started well enough. With the help of my striping tool, the red arch went on perfectly. Even on my right hand! Will wonders never cease? And then came the yellow arch.

Yeah, so my yellow paint has never been the best. It took several layers to get some decent opacity. But everything was still A-OK.

And then it went to hell in a handbasket.

My arches become progressively less…archy. Not sure how it happened, really… ^^;

Well, except for the pink arch on my index finger. It suddenly grew pointy. And what’s up with the colour? Didn’t think the magenta would look so…purple. Maybe the hot pink would’ve worked better?

NewS 04

OMG. Don’t even get me started on the letters >.>

I should seriously work on my lettering. Look at it! A disaster.

Admittedly, my striping tool probably wasn’t the best brush for the job. Ah, hindsight.

But all in all, it serves its purpose. My fan nail art is complete!


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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