Parisian Delicacy

Parisian Delicacy 01

Glitter is glamour!

This is one nail art I absolutely love ^o^ In my random nail art inspiration folder, I found a picture I simply HAD to try. Luckily, it had a watermark, so I am able to provide a link to the original: Orientalo-Graphique Nail Art. Tartofraises is the name of the French artist, and she is simply awesome.

And this is one of the times when I hate not being able to properly capture my nails. These pictures do not do this mani justice. It’s based heavily on glitter, and glitter just didn’t show up in these pics ^^;

But life must go on.

Parisian Delicacy

You can kinda see the red sparkles here

Tartofraises used a dark blue shade for the French mani, using a red flake glitter on top. I, however, conveniently have colour polish with my red flakies. Nfu-Oh’s 51. I used this colour for Wildfire – there you can fully appreciate the purple to red shimmer polish, and the red to yellow-green flakies. These pics just don’t show its perfection…

Now, 51 is actually a purple shade, not blue. I *could’ve* used Nfu-Oh’s 53, which has similar flakies with a blue base, but I feel that blue is just too light for the look.

So…purple it is.

I also freehanded the smile line. Not the worst job I’ve ever done :)

Parisian Delicacy 03

Aaaand here’s the greeny-yellow glitter. Almost.

The white swirls are white paint, applied with a striping brush. I’m practically gushing over the result >.< I mean, yeah, sure, the lines aren’t prefectly consistent. But for my hand steadiness, it’s a pretty darn good job, methinks!

Downside: my white paint turned transparent once topcoat was applied -___- Unimpressed.

I’m not entirely sure my swirls match Tartofraises’s, but once I’d done one, I was committed.

Revlon’s Sparkle is a silver glitter polish, which fills in the swirls. I needed a smaller paint brush to get the glitter to fall in line.

Last but not least, we have glitter just above the cuticle. I don’t really have the right shade, so I had to make do. Nfu-Oh’s 39 is the predominant sparkle, with a dash of Chi Chi’s Crystal Top Coat, as seen in Firestone.

Parisian Delicacy 04

Gotta love those Nfu-Oh bottles ^o^

I just love the way this nail art emphasises the length of my nails. Very elegant. Very chic. Very Paris.

All in all, I think I did a fairly decent job of replicating Tartofraises’s mani. Will most definitely be looking at more of hers in the future!


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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