Strawberry Nail Art

I see fruit-inspired nail art online all the time – watermelons, apples, oranges…if you can eat it, it’s been done. Some look really good (and some look very very bad ^^;). Upon spying a fresh punnet of strawberries in the fridge, I gave in to the desire and attempted my own fruit art.

To rather pleasing results ^o^

Strawberry Nail Art

I’m so surprised I have a red close to the colour of strawberries. I thought I’d just have to close my eyes and pick at random, but this shade is absolutely perfect! Not too flat, but not too shiny, either.

I really wanted my greenery to look authentic. You know, with highlights and shading to make it more three-dimensional. I’m ecstatic over the final product. Okay, so ecstatic might be overstating things, but you get the idea. I was worried my paint skills would be found wanting, but I rose to the task in spectacular fashion.

Strawberry Nail Art

I even think my yellow seeds look neat. The yellow paint had a hard time standing out, so I had to go over some spots. Ah, the vagaries of translucent yellow paint…

Bring on the next fruit!


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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  1. So cute : ))
    And you’re right, they don’t look cartoonish, love the realism.

  2. This mani looks amazing … and delicious!! ;-) what polishes did you use?

    • Haha, I was sorely tempted to eat my own nails :P

      Surprisingly, I just used Inglot’s main red polish (021). It’s just a very basic, no-nonsense red, if a little too on the transparent side. Do they have Inglot near you? The greens and yellow are just cheap acrylic paint from the local art store; I had to dabble with the greens a bit to get the exact shades I wanted :)

  3. Ha, strawberries were the first bit of nail art I ever did. I thought they were pretty great at the time…going back over old pictures now? Oof, they’re ROUGH! And not the easiest design to start with either. But these are lovely – very pretty. :)

    • Bwahaha!! It’s so cute that it was your first nail art! I admire your ambition. But I know the pain of going back to your first stuff – have a look at my first manis! Absolutely shudder-worthy :P

      Thank you!


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