Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure 01

Tragedy has struck. The nail on my left ring finger broke off. Right at the smile line. I am horrified. Quite honestly, I felt like crying in that moment. I haven’t had a nail this short since…well, since I was a child. Not only does it look positively ghastly, the strange sensation of things touching my newly-bared skin is horrible.


Alas, I must move on from my sorrows. I cut back all the nails on my left hand accordingly, although, I couldn’t quite get them short enough, so the ring nail stands out like a sore thumb (what a strange analogy). Still obsessed with my new toy (the striping tool), I took an aquatic, golden approach to this nail art.

Hidden Treasure 02

When I was in London, I acquired a polish called Hidden Treasure from Topshop. I absolutely love this polish; it’s a gold colour, which throws a blue shimmer at certain angles. The downside: no matter how bloody thin the coats are, I still get airbubbles. I have tried many times to get this polish to apply smoothly…to no avail. I decided to embrace the look – why, they now look like bubbles, to go with my treasure-under-the-sea theme.

An old, cheap dark blue polish is sponged on my tips, to capitalise on the gold polish’s blue shimmer. Aren’t they pretty?

With my handy striping tool, I painted some black lines (after diluting my black acrylic paint with a touch of water for a smoother effect). I guess they resemble netting?

Hidden Treasure 03

On my showcase nails – the ring fingers – I applied several layers of a mylar-glitter polish, to resemble sparkling jewels. It’s hard to see this polish in these shots, but the sparkly colours contrast perfectly with my deep gold and flattering blue. Those darn airbubbles are just more noticeable on those nails…

Despite the flaws of this manicure, including my sob-worthy nails, I absolutely love it.


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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