Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails 01

Surprisingly, the most popular trend at present is galaxy nails. Strange, I know. But there you have it; you can barely turn a corner without some nail art aficionado sporting this chic design. What are galaxy nails, I hear you ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

This cool nail art is designed to resemble the galaxy. You know, nebulae, stars, and so forth. There are several ways of going about it. Some choose to utilise the same colours on all nails, while others use differing colours. Some place the colour in the exact same spot and shape on each nail, while others go for a more random look. All of these manicures look incredible, but I had to choose just one.

Galaxy Nails 02

As you can see, I went for the most varying look possible. I used many colours, with my nebulae and stars appearing differently on each nail.

This incredible manicure is one of my favourites. It was so fun and easy to do. All you need is a bazillion colours of polish, a make-up sponge, and some uber-fine glitter. Easy.

Isn’t it pretty?

Galaxy Nails 03

I did have some problems with my sponging. My yellow was too vivid, and when I tried to dim it with my orange, it just ended up as a strange clump. My red refused to have a sponged effect; it wanted to be a solid block of colour, quite spoiling the look. And then there was my light blue that looks too green, and my green that looks too yellow, and some colour combinations that didn’t quite work the way I’d envisioned.

Trial and error, I guess.

Next time I might aim for some more black space – there’s just too much colour, I think.


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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