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This manicure is an example of something beautiful arising from the ashes of calamity. It is most definitely the exception to the rule. Usually, when things go wrong, there is no victory; here, I have to say I’m kinda happy that my idea flopped.

That’s pretty unusual, huh?

 Blaze 01 

So, this nail art was supposed to be another go at District 12. It was a brilliant idea – really! But in the end, it turned into more of a Katniss manicure.

To start, apply the usual base coat. This is especially important when you use strong colours like red. I knew I was going to create a gradient, so for the first time, I grabbed some Scotch tape and taped around my nails. You know, a strip along the cuticle, then one big one strip from one side, beneath the top of the nail, and then down the other side. Like a frame for the nail. I did this to reduce the time I would spend cleaning.

It works. Do it :)

I think I might have some sort allergy to Scotch tape, or my skin just doesn’t like it, ‘cause my skin got red and itchy, but I just ignored it. Nothing bad happened, so if you have the same reaction, just stick it out.

 Blaze 03 

Using a make-up sponge, apply some red nail polish to the base of your nail, only going two-thirds of the way up. Normally I would just paint my base colour, but because the yellow I’m using is so thin, and the red so strong, I wanted a softer, more controlled look.

Gradually build up the intensity of your red, focusing on the base.

 Blaze 04 

Once that’s dry, use the sponge to apply yellow polish. This time, start at the tip and work your way down. Again, only go two-thirds of the way. In the middle, the yellow should meld with the red to create a nice orange.

If you want, you could always just apply orange polish, but where’s the fun in that?

My yellow was one of Sally Hansen’s HD range, so it had an almost metallic shine to it. This was perfect, as it turned out like fire.

 Blaze 06 

Remove the tape from your fingers. As you’ll see, if you’ve stuck the tape close enough to your cuticles, there will be minimal clean-up required. Score! It should look something like the above.

I was intending on covering up the gradient with a black crackle polish, to make it look like the ground was opening to lava or some such, so my accuracy wasn’t as great as normal. I didn’t pay as much attention to the gradient, so you can practically see a line dividing the colours.

You might want to take more care.

 Blaze 07 

Apply a top coat or two, and you are done! The beautiful warm colours make me think of a fire, or a sunset. They’re bright, vivid, and totally noticeable!

When I was done, I went on to apply my black crackle paint. I have two words for you.

Epic. Fail.

Blaze 08 

The paint did NOT crack. It just glooped on. The whole nail art had to be removed. I’m glad I had the intelligence to use it only on one hand, so I was able to salvage the other.

I did look like a douche, though, having nail polish only on one hand…

By no means do I want to turn you off crackle paint. I used a polish from Australis. Apparently it’s a Brand, but since I’ve never heard of it, I don’t hold much confidence in it. I bought it a year or so ago, by accident. I was actually looking for plain black polish. Guess I’ll have to try another brand next time…

Days later, just before I removed the polish from my good hand, I thought I’d give the crackle another try. I applied it very thinly, hoping that might be the solution. And it was…sort of. Two of five nails worked in a satisfactory manner.

Blaze 09 

You see what I was going for? Like molten lava shining through the rocks? Yeah, I thought it was appropriate for District 12 and my Hunger Games nail art series, but fate evidently took me down another path.

Like I said…I’m glad it did.

You can couple this look with some awesome sunset make-up. Trust me – it’s a lot of fun!


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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