Effie Trinket

You know, I’m not normally one to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, I’m usually the smart cookie running in the opposite direction. I may follow the Twilight brand, but I pride myself on being one of the few who read the books before they became popular, before they became movies. So when the Hunger Games came into being, I didn’t want to become part of the fanatic following. But I saw the movie. I read the books.

Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Cue, the Effie Trinket manicure.

Nail art actually plays a decent part in the Hunger Games. In the movie, the flamboyant character Effie Trinket wears outrageous nail art, and I felt moved to recreate the manicure she wears at the beginning, for the reaping. Here’s Effie:

Effie Trinket 05

And here’s my rendition:

Effie Trinket 01

I’ll admit, her nails a tad more pink than these, but to be honest – I don’t really like pink. So sue me.

I wanted to do this manicure on myself, but decided it would like far nicer on my delightful friend Sarah. Her nails are shorter than mine, but the colours are totally her :)

This manicure is just as simple as it looks. The only difficult part is deciding to go fuschia or magenta. And picking a matching gold.

Apply a base coat. Sarah’s nails were in beautiful condition, so I just used a basic polish. Once that’s dry, apply a thin(ish) coat of your base colour – the pinky/purple one. Remember: multiple thin coats dry faster than a few thick ones. Resist the temptation to get it done in one coat.

You won’t succeed.

Effie Trinket 02

(The gold doesn’t show up so well with flash…)

Apply another coat. If your polish is on the thin side, you may even require a third coat. I used Chi Chi’s Shopaholic. This stuff only cost me five bucks.


I found the first coat to be a little dodgy – you could see the lines in the polish. But with the second coat, it was perfect. It wasn’t translucent, and it gave just the right amount of shimmer.

And then we have the gold.

Effie Trinket 03

As with all my gradients, the gold is sponged on. I went for a softer, more subtle gold: Revlon’s Gold Get ‘Em. Dab some gold polish onto a make-up sponge, then gently press it against your nails, starting from the tips, and ending three-quarters of the way down. This is a gradient, so you don’t want a harsh first layer.

Slowly build up the intensity of the gold, always starting at the tip, each time going just shy of the last sponge round. Eventually, you will have a solid gold at the tip. As I discovered after this manicure, if you have short nails like Sarah, it might be wise to stick some Scotch tape over the tips of your fingers; this reduces the amount of gold sponged onto your skin.

(I’d never has this problem myself, as my nails were longer. A rookie error, one I will NOT be repeating; nail polish isn’t fun to remove en masse)

Effie Trinket 04

By this point, I realised the gold I’d used was TOO subtle. It lacked the vivid gold that Effie presented. I decided to go over some of the gold with a gold glitter polish. I only had a garish, gaudy gold, so I applied it sparsely. VERY sparsely. I really only wanted it to have flickers of bright gold. Even if you are happy with your gold, you might enjoy doing this step, too.

Just apply two top coats, and you are ready for the Capitol!

May the odds be ever in your favour!



About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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  1. Is it sad that I figured out that they were Sarah’s hands without reading your text? xD
    Man I love your nail art, it’s so pretty and you’re so good at it!


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