Delicate Corset

It’s perhaps not a well-known fact, but I love corsets. There are so many corset manicures out there, I knew I just had to try one. The design I chose to attempt is simple, elegant, delicate – as the title suggests – and is perfect for a wedding. No more blah manicures for brides!

Delicate Corset 04

This is a simple manicure…if you have a steady hand.

So, as usual, start with a base coat. Then, apply a translucent pink used for French manicures. I used a Sally Hansen colour. This just gives your nails a more even tone. If you want a pinker manicure, you can use a pretty pale pink instead.

Sadly, I was attempting to cover the yellow stains on my nails. Note to all – do NOT have black polish on your nails for more than a week. No matter how many base coats you apply, it WILL stain your nails :(

Hopefully your tips are whiter than mine!

Delicate Corset 01

Apply a white polish across your tips, like a French manicure, but leave about a 2mm gap in the middle. This will be the corset itself, and the gap allows for the strings to criss-cross. I found it easier to start from the outside-in on both sides, then strengthen your straight vertical line. See below for an unfocused visual (sorry!).

Note: do NOT use Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear white. My motto, when in doubt use Sally Hansen, was completely off today. The polish was all thick and goopy, and didn’t apply well. I don’t want to turn you off any of her other products – they’re awesome. But this stuff…nuh-uh.

Delicate Corset 02

I had difficulties doing this on my right hand – ambidextrous Mish is not. I appear to lack the requisite steady hand. I had to seek external help: thanks, Mother!

Hopefully you’re all not as terrible as I am!

Now for the fun part. Using a thin paint brush and white acrylic paint, create your little criss-cross strings – essentially just two small X’s – in the gap in the white. A light hand is required. If you have exceptionally long nails, like my middle one, I found an extra cross was in order.

Now, you want a bow-like design just below your tips, like the strings are tying together. Just break it down, and it should be a cinch (key word: SHOULD). You want two oval(ish) shapes, on the smaller side if you can manage it. Then paint some lines arching down from the centre of the two ovals. Horrible explanation, I know, but the visual below will show you what I mean:

Delicate Corset 03

If you make a mistake, just wet a cotton tip with water and rub away the error. That’s the beauty of using acrylic!

All that’s left is to pop on a rhinestone. Apply a top coat, and while that’s drying, set out your ten rhinestones. Dab the tip of an orange stick or toothpick into the polish, then use it to pick up your rhinestones one by one, placing them in the centre of your bows. Another two top coats and you’re done!

Simple, huh?

Delicate Corset 05

Here’s a few shots adding some colour:

Delicate Corset 06


Delicate Corset 09


Delicate Corset 07

Like I mentioned, these nails are ideal for weddings, or even just for something a little more fun than your typical manicure. If you feel like you’ve done a dodgy paint job, don’t worry – the rhinestones actually draw the attention away from the paint (thank gawd!).



About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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  1. This is a fantastic manicure! I love that it appears so delicate and lovely, the rhinestones on the bows are the perfect finishing touch :o) Well done!


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