Peach Burst

My lovely cousin asked if I could do a manicure on her nails. Her only stipulation was that it wasn’t dark – and she warned me she had short nails. I’ve never done a manicure on short nails, so it was interesting trying to come up with ideas for her. This is what we ended up with:

Peach Burst 01

Let me start with a disclaimer. First, some of these pics are dodgy – my camera and my photography skills leave much to be desired. And second, these pics fail to represent the wonderful peach foil on the tips – it’s supposed to be a vivid peach with flecks of gold, orange, even a touch of green in some lights. Sigh. It still looks nice, though :)

Regardless of whether you have long or short nails, this manicure will work for you.

Apply a base coat. While that’s drying, cut a strip of your foil. I used Peach Burst, available from eBay or Dollar Nail Art (online). Now grab your foil adhesive, and apply a thin layer along the tips of your nails – or if you have no white tips, just across the top of your nail, wide enough to give the illusion of tips. This will go on milky – you’ll know it’s dry when it turns clear. Leave it for another minute or so.


I was short on time for this manicure – we were at a family event, and I didn’t want to keep her strapped to the chair, so technically I skipped a step. If you want the proper look, you should apply an orange (preferably with gold flecks) that’s close to the peach beneath the glue on the tips, so when the foil fails to adhere evenly, it will still look like it does.

Now, for the Elven Gold manicure, I stuck the foil onto the glue and rubbed, to get the exact pattern from the foil. I did something a little different this time. I wanted more of a speckled look than the shiny, almost-metallic look of the Peach Burst. So instead, I dabbed the foil. Short, staccato movements, continually dabbing at the glue. Little bits of the foil will stick randomly.

Don’t forget to dab right against the edges. If you miss some spots with the foil, you can always reapply a small bit of glue, let it dry, and go at it a second time. There was this one spot on my cousin’s ring finger where the foil just DID NOT want to stick.

I gave up.

Peach Burst 03

The first thing you want to do after this is apply a top coat. Normally I would suggest a soft, non-quick dry polish, but as it’s a speckled look, it won’t matter as much if the foil crinkles slightly.

Next comes the sapphire rhinestone. We chose sapphire because it is a complimentary colour to orange. I sort of wanted yellow and red for an autumn look, but I didn’t think the colours would show up against the peach. Dab on a thin layer of top coat just beneath the peach foil on the inner side of your nail. Using an orange stick or toothpick, pick up your rhinestone and gently place it where you want it.

Just give it a friendly nudge if it refuses to cooperate.

Rinse and repeat with all nails.

Peach Burst 04

Now, those other blue dots are in fact acrylic paint. This stuff is far better than polish for nail art. Grab your dotting tool (or small round object, like a bobby-pin), load up with a touch of blue paint (I call this cobalt blue – even if the tube of paint disagrees). Start your dots at the rhinestone, and gradually decrease in size with every dot. I think I did about four dots, making for a total of five dots if you include the rhinestone.

I like odd numbers.

Now all that’s left is to apply a layer or two of top coat. You want to make sure the rhinestones stick, and if you fail to cover the acrylic, it will wash away. Done!

I have to say that dots make everything look better. Seriously. Add a handful of lovely dots to any design, and they will improve it exponentially. It’s a neat little trick! :)

Peach Burst 05

A quick thank you to my mother, who allowed herself to be used as guinea pig as I figured out what design I was going to do, and how I could possibly do it. You’re a real trooper! xx


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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