Rainbow Dots

Heya! :D

As a nail art newbie, I chose simple designs for my first few manicures (so please, bear with my…ineptness? Ineptitude? Whatever – you get the idea). I mean, let’s face it – I’m a creative writing graduate, not an arty person! But I am learning new things every week, and I’m rapidly improving!

So here is my first manicure on my journey to awesome nails:

Rainbow Dots 01

(Try to ignore the fact that the camera makes my hands look ANCIENT)

I saw this really cool picture online, and I simply had to try it. My first foray into nail art, however, was evidently not too successful. My nail polish wouldn’t go onto the tip of my dotting tool, rendering the thing utterly useless. I finally gave in to my growing frustration (it wasn’t supposed to be THAT hard!!!) and used a brush to do the dots. I should perhaps have persevered with the dotting tool – my dots would at least have been circular! (And even…)

To make perfect dots, I recommend purchasing a dotting tool – they are cheap online, on sites like eBay. A happy alternative is the end of a bobby-pin. The same principle applies.

So then there is the dilemma of colour showing up on black… Put white dots down first, then go over them with colour. Advance warning: having all white dots looks verrrry strange, so don’t freak out when you do them.

I chose to do seven dots on each nail, with only five on the pinkies (I rather doubted my brush was up to minute dots, and my nails were insufficiently long for more of this size). You can choose any colours you want; my green doesn’t really show up in pics, so a stronger green might have been a better choice (that’s all very well in hindsight…).

For the ring fingers, you just do four dots along the top of your nail, four along the bottom, four dots in the middle of these, and then just divide it up from there. Quite simply, really. Well, if you are getting perfect circles, that is.

Here’s another shot (and yes, my camera is dodgy, and ill-represents my colour scheme):

Rainbow Dots 02

It also really helps if you have a steady hand (which Mish sadly lacks), especially on the ring fingers. As you can see, I was unable to maintain a straight line (what an idiot!).

Regardless of all these defects, if you do not analyse the nail closely, they actually look quite lovely. So never fear if your nails end up like mine!

Have fun! :)


About Mishka Rae

I'm just a gal with a passion for Nail Art. I like to try designs I've seen, as well as unique and original ideas. You should give it a go! xx

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